Big Ideas Project

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For additional materials (relevant assignments, etc.) and information on follow-up activities for this ongoing project please contact Bill Moore, Coordinator, Assessment, Teaching & Learning, SBCTC at or 360-704-4346.

Project Description

The project descriptionPDF focuses on introductory college-level course(s) with a central question: “Assuming for the moment that this introductory course is the LAST course the students will ever take in the area (as opposed to the first in a series of courses), what core discipline-specific ideas/concepts do you want ALL students taking the course to understand deeply; i.e., be able to apply and even transfer to other settings five years later?”

The overview includes:

  1. Project Findings,
  2. Plans for Pursuing in 2003-04,
  3. Possible Campus Project Ideas,
  4. Appendix that highlights the Big Ideas Disciplinary Discussions during winter and spring of 2003 (see Discussion Summaries by Discipline below for a more complete overview)

Big Ideas Follow-up Projects 2003-04PDF

Discussion Summaries by Discipline

The following are an overview of the discussions held by faculty from various disciplines across the system. Summaries reflect faculty perceptions around Big Ideas/Core Concepts, identify possible assignments, talk about possible next steps, etc.

Addressing Context, Content, and Correctness

Project Participants

Why We Teach What We Teach – April 22-23, 2005

Composition in the New Millennium – April 29-30, 2004

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