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Overviews and FAQs

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy))
SMS Executive Technical OverviewPowerPoint - presentation given to the Information Technology Commission by Becky Phillips on November 14, 2002 06/01/2010
Fee Calculation Overview for SMS UsersPowerPoint 06/12/2010
Fee Calculation: Just the FactsPowerPoint - Presentation by Linda Stokes and Becky Phillips at the BAR 101 meeting, April 21, 2006 04/20/2006
SMS General FAQsPDF  
Course Management FAQsPDF  
Registration FAQsPDF  
SID/SSN FAQsPDF 05/01/2004


SMS Job Scheduling, Sort Codes, Extracts, and DataExpress

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Job Scheduling Instructions  
SMS Sort CodesPDF  
Using the SMS ExtractsPDF - Student Extract (SM5204J), Enrollment Extract (SM5209J), and others  
DataExpress Information: Procedures, Training, General Information  


SMS Modules and Functions

Course - Class Management

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Class Shared Funding Sources pdf 05/05/2014
Course - Class Management Screens (in Master List)PDF  
Including Courses and Classes in the Virtual Campus Catalog and SchedulePDF 08/01/2002
Desktop Class Schedule Process and FormPDF 06/01/2003
Printed College Catalog ProcessPDF and FormPDF 06/01/2003
Course Description Upload ProcessPDF 06/01/2003
Requisite Checking User GuidePDF  
Schedule 25/25E OverviewPDF  
Schedule 25 TrainingPDF 07/01/2005
R25: Basic Data PreparationPDF 11/01/2003
R25: Loading Class RecordsPDF 12/01/2003
Blue User Guide - Course ManagementPDF 08/01/1998


Admissions - Student Biographic

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Admissions Module User Guide pdf 01/01/1992
Common SID 12/01/2011
College SID RangessPDF  
Overview of Admissions ModulesPDF  
Admissions - Student Biographic Screens (in Master List)PDF  
Student Personal Identification NumbersPDF  
Student Unusual Action Code Extract ProcessPDF  
Student Email Address Upload ProcesssPDF  
Reserving SIDsPDF 07/01/2002
Web Admissions CenterPDF - includes Overview and how students and colleges use WAC  
Web Admissions TablePDF - listing of the data collected through Web Admissions plus information about how the data loads into SMS 02/01/2011
Test Score Upload OverviewPDF  
SMS Student Unusual Action LogPDF 09/02/2014
OneLookup Student SearchPDF 06/29/2012
Blue User Guide - Biographic/AdmissionPDF 08/01/1988



Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Collecting LGBTQ Data pdf 08/19/2013
Nelnet Automatic Payment Solution pdf 04/03/2013
SMS Waitlist ProcessPDF  
Course Entry CodesPDF  
Student Personal Identification NumbersPDF  
SMS Changes for the Financial Aid ProjectPDF 01/01/2009
Requisite Checking User GuidePDF  
Registration Screens (in Master List)PDF  
Operator Symbols Used in Registration Screen (SM7001/A)PDF 05/01/2005
WAOL Enrollment ManagementPDF  
Student Drop ProcessPDF  
SM4012 - Touchtone (Web) Registration Configuration ScreenPDF  
SM4013 - Touchtone (Web) Student Information ScreenPDF 04/15/2013
Blue User Guide - RegistrationPDF 08/01/1988


Grades and Transcripts

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Electronic Transfer of Transcripts OverviewPDF 10/01/2001
Grades and Transcripts Screens (in Master List)PDF 07/23/2012
Grading Process OverviewPDF 10/01/2000
Tech Prep Semi-Automated Data Load ProcessPDF 07/19/2013
Transcript LoggingPDF 06/01/2003
WAOL GradingPDF 05/01/2003
Common Course Numbers Transcript TextPDF 08/01/2007
Blue User Guide - Grades/Records 08/01/2988


Student Progress

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Degree Audit: Administrator's Guide v2.0PDF 03/01/2010
Degree Audit: Advisor's Guide v2.0PDF 03/01/2010
Degree Audit Upload - SD4006 pdf 06/14/2013
Student Progress Screens (in Master List)PDF  


Transcript Evaluation Process

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Transcript Evaluation OverviewPDF 02/01/2002
SD3002 - Grade Translation ScreenPDF 07/17/2012
SD3003 - Course Translation ScreenPDF 07/17/2012
SD3004 - Transcript Evaluation ScreenPDF 07/18//2012
SD3005 - Transfer-In Transcript CoursesPDF  
SD3006 - Substitute Transcript CoursesPDF  


Honor Roll/Probation Process for Credit Based Colleges

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Defining Honor Roll/Probation Criteria (credit-based)PDF 04/01/2003
Honor Roll/Probation Screen (SM6014)PDF  
Honor Roll/Probation Exclude Grades Screen (SD5018)PDF  


State, Federal and Other Reporting

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Adding Program Data to SMS pdf 04/16/2014
SMS MIS ReportingPDF 05/01/2002
MIS Reporting & Reports from MIS Preliminary Job GroupPowerPoint 03/01/2006
I-BEST Credit Equivalent ProcessPDF 07/01/2009
SMIS Required Data ElementPDF 08/26/2010
Tech Prep Semi-Automated Data Load ProcessPDF 07/19/2013
FTEF (Full-Time Equivalent Faculty) Calculation and Distribution for MIS ReportingPDF 03/01/2002
FTES (Full-Time Equivalent Students) CalculationPDF  

Web Applications

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
Web Transaction Server ManualPDF  
SMS - Web Enabled Applications  
Web Admissions CenterPDF - includes Overview how students and colleges use WAC  


College Parameters and SMS Screen Descriptions

Document Last Updated (mm/dd/yyyy)
SMS College ParametersPDF Includes instructions on using the college parameter table screen)  
SMS Screens Master ListPDF all SMS screens with a short description of each  


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