Tuition Waivers and Residency Classifications

Tuition waivers allow students to attend publicly funded community and technical college by "waiving" all or part of tuition and fees under certain criteria. Find information about waivers and residency classifications including definitions, statutes, and links to supporting documents.

Print a summary document as a quick reference guide.

Waiver program and residency classification important facts:

  • Waivers listed include all waiver programs available for use by the colleges.
  • Colleges have discretion in whether to participate in optional waiver programs and how much to waive.
  • Optional waiver programs offered by a college must be offered equally to students meeting the eligibility criteria as established by the waiver. This requirement does not limit a college’s ability when adopting optional waivers to limit the total number of enrollments in a particular waiver. Colleges may also establish preferential enrollment status to distinct classes of students within these waivers.
  • Upper division enrollments: Tuition waivers applicable for lower-division students are also applicable to upper-division (applied bachelors) students at community and technical colleges. For example, colleges that waive the out-of-state tuition differential for lower-division students must also waive the differential for upper-division students.
  • Colleges have no authority to adopt waiver programs not described here.
  • Residency classifications are not discretionary.

Mandatory Waivers

SBCTC Mandatory Waivers

Optional Waivers

Waiver of Nonresident Tuition Differential

Space Available Waivers

Ungraded/Course-Based Waivers

Other Waivers

Residency Classifications

Inactive Waivers

Summary – Tuition Waivers and Residency Classifications

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